Shop and smile

Shop and smile

Time to top up?  Choose us.  Shop and smile.  We like to make life easy for you and your friends with great gifts and hassle free ordering and personalisation.

We make just 60 bottles per boutique batch distillation of King Island spirits, liqueurs and cocktails ready to shake pour and order more.

Orders of spirit are all posted direct from our Distillery door Australia wide. Or put on a plane to Tasmania, or Victoria. 

Mirco batch booze made of King Island to sip and smile

Custom bottle labels

Personalised cards

Signed bottles

Gift wrapping 

Send spirits to family and friends and we'll write each one a Christmas Card and post each order separately.

Stock up your bar with the best, our spirits are pallet pleasers.

Add the spirit of King Island to your top shelf and your visitors will be most impressed.

Buy a box of 3 x 500ml bottles, or upsize to 6 x 500ml artisan King Island Distillery spirits and we'll post them to you freight free.

Add to any two bottle spirit order with a choice of King Island Kelp Craft, Cheese, or live lobsters to create a custom luxurious King Island Gift Hamper.  We'll put in on a plane and send with King Island Airlines to Moorabbin Victoria, or we'll send with Sharp Airlines to Essendon or Wynyard + Launceston Tasmania.

We have all you gifting covered with our King Island Distillery spirits and local products, produce, plus arts and crafts. 

Be rewarded by buying local and loving it.

Join the journey of Happy Heidi a native that owns her own distillery makes all the products, bottled to her taste making sure that drinking every measure will be a pleasure and posts them personally for people to share and enjoy the spirit of King Island.

Cheers my friends, celebrate every day ending in y.  

♡ hh♡

Female Founder, Funder, Owner, Artisan Distiller, Chief bottle washer, filler, labeller, polisher, distributor and spruiker.

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