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Visit the 100% locally owned and operated distillery door located in the heart of the main township, 7 Main Street, Currie King Island. Meet the maker and hear the untold story first had while enjoying a spirits tasting flight, cocktails and mixed drinks. 

   In 2014, a Natives dream came to life to distil the King Island spirit to taste and embrace the pure pleasure poured into every bottle, (60 bottles per batch), made with love on King Island.

   Still today, facing the ever increasing competition, remains one of the rarest and most boutique distillery in the world.

   This business is fully owned and operated by Heidi Weitjens a local female (made on King Island), crafting a smile with every sip distilling her very own artisan range of; King Island single malt whisky, King Island Native gin and signature range of spirits and liqueur’s.

In the heart of King Island, it all began with a challenge that led a spirited adventurer Heidi Weitjens, nicknamed Happy Heidi, embarking on a remarkable journey becoming the 10th distillery in Tasmania. 

   Let the good times beGIN!

   What sets King Island Distillery apart is not just about authenticity and the quality of our spirits, but also the unwavering support we have received on the journey. Please allow me to give kudos and thanks to the living legends and mentors of the Tasmanian craft spirits industry and it is with their encouragement and guidance, I embarked on a new adventure the first distillery on King Island and delved into the art of crafting unique recipes developed to capture the very essence of our beloved island.  Distilled in a pair of pot stills, locally handcrafted in Hobart, Tasmania, designed as Angel wings, because to happy Heidi believes all things need to have a strong connection and with the drive to deliver the best we can.

  What began as a challenge to solve the local apple waste dilemma transformed into a captivating odyssey. With unwavering determination, we ventured beyond the conventional, it's what sets us apart and what makes us truly special. We lay it all bare, my friends, showing and telling the story of our labour of love, starting with nothing and growing the distillery with only the bare essentials.  Designing a minimalistic distillery is a challenge in itself and took time to create so it can be operated by Happy Heidi and to do all the, heavy lifting (no forklift, just muscle power and stamina), thinking ( learning a lot by taking action and doing it my way ) and financing ( Sole Trader set up and running with no other investor, monies, or resources ).

   It is a humble distillery situated collaboratively with the King Island Honey Farm. Functioning with surrounds that operates mostly by way that has been the initiative of the Queen of repurposing on King Island for the distillery day to day production needs.  Rest assured we have a current workplace health and safety approval, most recently assessed onsite and officially certified as of October 2023.

   And here's the truly magical part, despite all the challenges, so many people have chosen to remain connected with our purpose to keep the personality and heart poured into every single product at our distillery. 

   Our passion knows no bounds, my friends. We soak up the natural beauty of our island, letting it inspire us to reach new heights of GINventiveness. We craft signature spirits and products to satisfy every sense, using raw traditional techniques and a bit of gut instinct. 

   And, you know what? We do it all for the reward of seeing you sip and smile and for the joy it brings to your hearts and fulfils your senses.

   Let us not forget the charm and entertaining explorations that King Island provides. Its breathtaking landscapes and untamed beauty infuse our spirits with an essence that is truly unmatched. Each sip becomes a journey in itself, an exploration of flavours that dance on your palate and transport you to truly connect with this unique island.

   In the face of adversity, so far we’ve remained resilient. Our commitment to sustainability, echoed in the motto from childhood "Save, Don't Waste," forms the backbone of our operations. We have transformed setbacks into opportunities and emerged stronger, working diligently to continue sharing the fruits of our labour of love with you.

   We are GINourmously honoured to share our story to GINspire and captivate your senses. We implore Australians to remain with us on this extraordinary adventure. Embrace the enchantment of King Island Distillery and become a part of our story. Your support, your trust and your belief in us holds immeasurable value. 

   We extend our heartfelt gratitude to so many for their GINflippintastic support that continues to strengthen our way forward to an even more GINtastic future.

   With our hunger to learn more each day, we will become a brighter beacon of excellence, drawing in more people to partake in the artistry, the passion and the warmth that defines our distillery and lights up peoples spirits.

   Together, let us embark on a journey of discovery, where connections, community and businesses grow stronger, palates are delighted and more GINventerous memories are made. 

   So, whenever you think of King Island, we invite you to raise a glass of King Island's finest in celebration and cheers to the unyielding spirit of exploration and excitement for GINcredible times ahead.

   Thank you for supporting this GINdependant 100% local boutique distillery. We eagerly anticipate the day when we can welcome you our King Island Distillery friends, to our Island to enjoy feeling totally spoilt with authentic experiences, colourful friendly local characters and a true connection to our feeling of freedom and fun that we guarantee you won't soon forget. hh x

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  • Dennis Klumpp

    Totally oriGINal well done HH from DK.

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