Rex drinks in the spirit


Rex magazine by Truly Aus writes a story about; The next great thing King Island Whisky made with love by happy Heidi at Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery.


Flying to King Island on a daily basis is Rex airlines and here is their inflight magazine showcasing King Island, 'Indulge in King Island’s Bounty'. Editor Michelle Hespe from Truly Aus and Ausbiz writes, 'Our heart is in the Country and the Isle of Plenty'.



Most people who visit King Island to play golf take advantage of all three assets and visit King Island Distillery to meet the maker Happy Heidi and experience a guided spirits tasting. 

About half an hour down the road from Cape Wickham golf links is Ocean Dunes golf links, which also boasts some of the best views possible on a golf course ranked number five in the country.


GET INTO THE GOOD STUFF at King Island Distillery

If you are a whisky or spirits lover, look no further than King Island Distillery run by local Heidi Weitjens. Heidi has been on a decade-long journey perfecting the art of gin and whisky, with the mentorship of none other than the Godfather of Tassie whisky, Bill Lark. Swing by her tasting room on the outskirts of Currie and you'll most definitely want to take home more than a wee dram.

She also produces a tongue-tingling limoncello that has enough zing to make you sing, and a coffee spirit that rivals any of the cold brew martini cocktails on the market.

Her gins are as clean and crisp as King Island's water, and her Tiger Tonic Spirit is a signature drink like no other - the first garlic spirit, made with local manuka honey, lemon garlic and ginger. It comes together beautifully to offer an antibiotic tonic that tastes so much better than some of those European stomach tonics on the market.


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