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World post day is the 9th of October.  Our customers of King Island Distillery order online  and at cellar door and soon after receive their spirits in the mail delivered by Australia Post.  

   We always include a lovely letter, call us old fashioned but we love keeping the personality and passion with our products.

 On a daily basis we embrace the throwback to communication methods since ancient times, with some good old-fashioned letters and parcels.

   Mail carrier services have been in existence since ancient times, and even though we can communicate almost anything (literally) at the touch of a button, there’s no denying the importance of our local postal services…or the excitement of receiving a letter and package in the mail! 

   World post day marks the anniversary of the start of the universal postal union.  From this, began the global communications revolution and continues to this day.

  1. It has ancient English origins
      The word "mail" comes from a medieval English word referring to a traveller's bag or pack.
  2. It used to walk like an egyptian
      225 b.c.225 bc oldest piece of mail sent.  The oldest example of an official post comes from the third century b.c. egypt.
  1. Up ‘hill’ and onwards                                                                                       In 1840 the world’s first postage stamp was invented and introduced by Englishman Sir Rowland Hill.

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