Stills Across the Strait Tasmania to King Island

Stills Across the Strait Tasmania to King Island

Peter skillfully crafts 2 handmade Angelic custom Copper Stills. Applying decades of knowledge and experience devoted to the design for producing intimate flavours that tickle, tease and please the seekers of quality boutique spirits made on King Island with hh♡ . ⁣

How to get the Stills to King Island in time for my birthday was the next challenge “You could bring the Stills up on Mark’s Boat” suggests Shane.⁣

Well, this triggered a flurry of packing up the Stills up and manhandling them to the Hobart Docks. With barely enough room to fit on this working boat, the wooden boxes containing the precious cargo was lowered down with the pot winch to be nestled in amongst stacks and stacks of Cray pots. ⁣

It is decided the Stills WILL travel on this trip, where anything can happen, "Trust me" says Mark Smith. Carefully positioned under the Captain's watchful eye as he battles through the wind gusts and sea spray of the 'Roaring Forties' from far South Tasmania, the Stills remain onboard and upright steaming upwards to King Island. ⁣

The journey is non-stop steaming along at about 7 knots for 47 hours punching through the wild Seas of Tasmania’s Coastline and across the mighty swells of Bass Strait, to finally tie up at stupid o'clock inside the safety of the Currie Harbour, King Island ‘home-sweet-home’.⁣

The two matching boxes encasing the shiny new Pot Stills arrived at their new home safely on board with Skipper and Owner of the boat 'Sovereign King Island’. Filled with gratitude and excitement, it made my birthday celebration extra special and I was so happy to open the boxes an amazing long-awaited gift from me to me ;-)⁣

Lifted by strong men to reach their new place now we can all see, and be filled with glee, where these masterpieces will be busier than the King Island Honey bees.⁣

Now that's an effort worth drinking to, "Up ya Kilt 🥃🥃" as Bill n Lyn Lark unforgettably love to make me laugh and cheers to.

Best wishes and cheers
Heidi Weitjens
Passionate King Islander | Sole Trader | Distiller
King Island Distillery

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