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How The Beef Jerky Industry Is Making A Comeback 

With Aussies searching for healthy snacks that taste great, a jerky phenomenon is sweeping through Australia. 

As research shows, consumers prefer to get their protein from natural foods and the beef jerky industry is making a massive comeback, becoming a popular snack choice.

King Island Distillery has adapted to this new rising demand for lean and tasty produce to enjoy alongside our handcrafted local spirits.  

By stocking Kooee snacks at our distillery door, for our hungry visitors, we choose to support a local Tasmanian business who are makers of a natural beef jerky


Shaun and Andy, founders of Kooee, mission is to “make the healthiest and tastiest high protein snacks in Australia”. They know that it’s what’s inside the bag that counts.

Crafted with only the finest, ethically-raised meats, Organic beef and Free-range pork used in the Sticks.

All gluten-free, soy-free and packed with protein – made with only honest, natural ingredients – and nothing else.  The result is a high-protein, guilt-free snack that will naturally fuel any adventure.

For now, according to our source, it seems that beef jerky is the Auzbiz talk of the town, according to Matilda Meikle. Beef Jerky products are stripped of all fat, 100 percent Australian made, makes for a terrific high protein and low carb snack for any time of day.

Food South Australia Chief executive Catherine Sayer has observed “snack foods are definitely on the rise, and we’re seeing the emergence of beef jerky.”

As a versatile and healthy snack, according to new research, customers across the country are turning to this meat cut and dried as an alternative to other, less nutritious products for their day-to-day diets.

Farmers are meeting the demands of an ever-expanding market. Local businesses are putting their best foot forward to keep up with this boost of the meat snacks niche.

The data, published by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), shows that jerky is worth $40 million in the national market, with a “high growth opportunity” in the future.

MLA’s report reveals that demand for Jerky is bigger than ever. One study found that there was a 50 percent growth in the jerky sector in the US and the UK between 2011 and 2016. 

Fun fact from Kooee: The Australian bush call; an expression of the freedom and awe of being in nature.

“KOO-EE!” was a call first made by Australia’s First Peoples to communicate across vast distances. It is now used by all Australians outdoors. 

So, next time you’re in a spectacular location, shout out a big “KOOEE!”

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