What's in the cup?

'Compostable Cup to Community' a recipe about making a positive impact on King Island, starting from one cupful at a time. Planting seeds in compostable cups, grow into vegetables to share with our King Island Community, a project managed by Phoenix House. The box of cups donated by AbelPakk, Hobart, Tasmania supplying packaging that 'doesn't cost the earth' for the King Island Community Garden - to replace use of plastic pots. Thank you for making a difference in the spirit of King Island, cheers until next Wednesday ♡ hh♡ Heidi Weitjens, King Island Distillery
@abelpakk @happi_heidi_ki 
#compostablepackaging #abelpakk #biopak 
#visitkingisland #communitygarden #cuptocommunity
#phoenixhouse #makingadifference
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#kingislanddistillery #thespiritofkingisland

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