Whisky Week


Tasmanian Whisky Week 7 - 13 August 2023

King Island Distillery Copper Angel Club members receive a 20%  discount code to the TWW main event.  We invite you to join our club today and be rewarded.

Tasmanian Whisky Week, TWW, has events Statewide.
A celebration of the achievements and the spirit of Tasmanian distillers.
TWW showcases the distilling industry, barrel craftsmanship, artisan spirits and single malt whisky. 
It’s the people and their passion that make Tasmanian craft spirits and whisky so wonderful. 
Seven days of events are held all around Tasmania, covering diverse and engaging consumer events.
Over 40 distilleries attending events over 15 events, culminating in the flagship event the spirit showcase in Hobart Saturday 12th August.
Tasmania is the whisky destination of Australia, and the annual Whisky Week is filled with events to celebrate the craft spirits of Tasmania.

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