Celebrate Tasmanian Whisky Week with Us


Tasmanian Whisky Week is my favourite time of year! 
We all love to Embrace the Essence of Tasmanian Whisky Week.

A Festive Tribute to Local Artisan Spirits.

Join us in embracing the extraordinary at Tasmanian Whisky Week as we raise a toast to the GINcredible journey of King Island and Tasmanian handcrafted spirits. A unique celebration of artisanal excellence!



Experience the Finest King Island Whisky and Tasmanian Whiskies at Tasmanian Whisky Week.

Join us on a journey as we 'whisk-y' you away into the heart of Tasmanian Whisky Week – a time of revelry, passion and the finest Tasmanian artisan spirits. At this annual celebration, we are more than participants; we are enthusiasts embracing every moment of the exciting events that make Tasmanian Whisky Week (TWW) truly special.

Whisky and spirit appreciators are always invited to join us in experiencing the festivities and the true essence of Tasmanian Whisky Week. From curated tastings paired with degustation dinners through to exclusive showcases, there is an adventure awaiting all those who appreciate the craft and complexity of artisan spirits.

Will you be part of this celebration with us? Step into a world where each sip tells a story, where tradition meets innovation, and where the spirit of Tasmania comes alive in every dram. Join us in raising our glasses to the unparalleled artistry and dedication that define the craft of artisan spirits in Tasmania.

Whisky Week around the state of Tasmania is something extraordinary. Celebrate Tasmanian Whisky Week with us and let's toast to the remarkable journey of King Island and Tasmanian craft spirits together!  Cheers my friends 


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