Why we are a Tasmanian craft distillery

Currie, King Island, Tasmania sign with golden rays shining on it from the sunset, a sign on the way, as we are driving to King Island Distillery

Tasmania's craft distillery scene is a GINcredible treasure trove for spirits enthusiasts and at the heart of it all is Heidi Weitjens and her King Island Distillery located in the central coastal town of Currie, King Island, Tasmania. This vibrant player in the artisanal spirits landscape brings joy and wonder to every sip.

What makes King Island and Tasmania such a magical hub for craft distilleries? It's the pristine environment, the abundance of high-quality ingredients and the dedicated artisans like Happy Heidi at King Island Distillery. A local lady made on King Island has a truly native deep-rooted history and a commitment to th island.  Happy Heidi distills with the traditional methods she leant a decade ago by the Tasmanian spirits pioneer and friend Bill Lark from Lark Distillery and in later years mentor and mate Rex Burdon from Nonesuch Distillery. King Island Distillery hand forages fresh wild local native ingredients from the coast of King Island to distill spirits that burst with flavour and character.

At the helm of this enchanting distillery is Happy Heidi, the talented female owner, operator and artisan distiller. Heidi's wealth of stories and genuine passion for her craft set King Island Distillery apart, making it a truly authentic and interesting business. Her dedication and passion is distilled into every bottle with a unique true local charm that you won't find anywhere else.

Crafting spirits, liqueurs and cocktails at King Island Distillery is a bit of a unique art form! The meticulous process guarantees products with unique, delightful flavours and enchanting aromas. When you visit Tasmania, take a trip along the Tasmanian gin and whisky distillery trails. You’ll not only delve into the rich distilling heritage of the region but also experience meeting the makers and their expertise.

Tasmania’s craft distillery scene is a joyous exploration of artisanal spirits, and King Island Distillery in the main town of King Island, Tasmania leads the way. Don’t miss the chance to discover Tasmania’s distillery trails and explore the happiness in every glass. Experience the magic of craft distilling at King Island Distillery and other beloved distilleries in the State’s region.

For more information about our distillery door tours, King Island gin, whisky, vodka, brandy, Limoncello, liqueur and cocktail products and hampers for sale, visit us in person or shop local online and we will ship to you http://www.kingislanddistillery.com and start your spirited journey into the world of exceptional King Island, Tasmanian spirits.

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