World Gin Day


Spend your hard earned GINcome and treat yourself with a GINcredible Native Gin and celebrate world GIN day. Best shared with GINtastic friends. Many happy and healthy cheers to everyone ♡ hh♡ 

THE INSPIRING STORY OF HEIDI’S DISTILLERY is about a resourceful local on a mission embracing a waste minimisation mindset to tackle fruit waste and showcase the high-quality brand of King Island. 

   As a lifelong islander, she passionately supports and promotes the growth of her local and Tasmanian community. Starting with making the first King Island Gin, after months to create the best recipe and distilling the true taste of the spirit of our lovely island. Heidi is driven to make everyone who tastes her range of craft products spark up an obsessive love affair with the ‘ hh♡ | happy Heidi made with love’ spirits of King Island.

   With a clear purpose and vision, Heidi handcrafts smooth and tasty artisan spirits for the enjoyment of locals, visitors and people across our Country. The success and growth of King Island Distillery stems from Heidi's unwavering commitment to customer happiness. She believes in the circle of happiness, where her joy fuels creativity, resulting in unique, irresistible products that customers love. 

   Managing the small business and growth in demand for her products Heidi understands the importance of maintaining the artisanal nature of her spirits. To preserve quality, exclusivity and the happy Heidi personal connection with her customers, she limits distilling about 200 litres of boutique spirit batches per week with the best local ingredients handpicked fresh.

   Collaborating with local suppliers, Heidi believes her success also contributes to the prosperity of fellow Islanders and elevates the profile of King Island nationwide. She believes in fueling patriotic sentiments and creating an emotional attachment to local products, fostering resilience and unity.    

   Through beautifully crafted spirits that capture the essence of King Island, Heidi aims to create a collective love and admiration that lasts beyond a fleeting visit, making Australians fall in love with the island, again and again.

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