Peer-less Point ex-whisky cask aged vodka
Peer-less Point ex-whisky cask aged vodka
Peer-less Point ex-whisky cask aged vodka

Peer-less Point ex-whisky cask aged vodka

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Elevate Your Senses with Peer-less Point Cask Aged Vodka and enjoy the distinct smooth, silky, creamy and gentle flavour profile of our Peer-less Point, perfect for any occasion.

Step into a realm where innovation and craftsmanship intertwine, giving rise to the extraordinary – introducing Peer-less Point Cask Aged Vodka. This exceptional creation is a heartfelt tribute to the pioneering spirits of Bill and Lyn Lark, encapsulating their legacy in every sip.


Born out of a desire to transform empty whisky casks into something extraordinary, the Peer-less Point Cask Aged Vodka carries the legacy of the decanted Tasmanian single malt whisky that was matured in the barrel.

Elegantly smooth and artfully complex, Peer-less Point defies classification – not quite a whisky, yet an experience that resonates at 50% ABV, akin to a cherished ex-px sherry-whisky. Encased in a 30-litre Tasmanian barrel, every detail is painstakingly curated to capture the American oak cask spirit's essence in 500ml bottles.  The peerless point custom casks for sale are exclusively for members of the King Island Distillery Copper Angel Club.

This happy Heidi signature spirit, named by the Larks themselves, represents a homage to the Larks' trailblazing contributions and their enduring impact on the world of spirits.

Crafted with the hallmark of hh♡ Queen of repurposing style, this masterpiece emerged from a necessity to repurpose our whisky casks before their voyage to Tasmania for re-coopering and refilling with King Island Single Malt Whisky.

Birthing a journey that culminated in a spirit of unparalleled excellence. Resting within the heart of this spirit is the fusion of oak and Tasmanian single malt whisky, ex-px sherry from the triangle that was nurtured in the cask for over four years, creating the essence that defines this peer-less spirit.

The very inception of Peer-less Point speaks of innovation and homage. Dedicated the iconic Bill and Lyn Lark, who ignited the Tasmanian spirit industry. Their efforts, which lifted the 150-year ban on whisky distillation in Tasmania, have given rise to this exclusive creation, embodying their visionary spirit.


Unveiling itself as an eccentric hh♡ signature spirit, affectionately nick named 'Whisky Sister,' it starts with King Island Distillery's finest 40°S Pure Vodka elevated further with King Island cloud juice rainwater the bespoke 'Furious Fifties' spirit release.  Resting in Tasmanian oak casks, previously embraced by Tasmanian single malt whisky, Peer-less Point emerges through a proprietary alchemical process, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

Endorsed not only by whisky connoisseurs but also by the revered Bill Lark, the Godfather of the whisky world, Peer-less Point shines as a beacon of distinction. Its unveiling during Tasmanian Whisky Week, TWW, August 2023 left both peers and punters surprised and captivated, earning acclaim from industry leaders and enthusiasts alike.

As our own whisky journey matures, the King Island Whisky Whispers Club beckons, inviting you to discover our own full island local whisky chronicle as we whisper our secrets about our journey from barley to bottle. This chapter, like the spirit itself, is a testament to resilience and creativity, inspired by the Larks' enduring legacy.

Raise your glass to Peer-less Point Cask Aged Vodka, a fusion of tradition and innovation, a nod to the pioneers and a celebration of excellence. Let every sip transport you to the heart of craftsmanship, where history and innovation converge in a taste adventure unlike any other. 

Cheers to 'Up ya Kilt,' and to the extraordinary story behind each bottle made by a female Native, Heidi Weitjens, who stage by stage pioneered her own distillery on King Island.


Voted favourite dram at the TWW showcase by Dave Marshall (pictured above), of Mountain Creek Outdoor clothing and equipment shop, Hobart and the fearless Bag pipe band leader.

Also showcased during other TWW events including The Chapel, The Vault, Farmgate Market, Comedy and drams, Government House Hobart and at home in the King Island Distillery Door.


Expose this hh♡ Signature Spirit to your friends; serve it straight up with  and together toast to 'Up ya Kilt'.


It's going to be a dram fine drop

It is a Dreamtime come true to see our distillery age and our whisky journey further maturing. In celebration we have started a King Island Whisky Whispers Club, if you want to find out more, we invite your to apply to join our distilling King Island Single Malt Whisky journey from barley to bottle. 

  We will share who, how and what is behind our King Island Whisky bottle label, starting from raising our own money to making our own small batch Barley mash from scratch, through to fermenting and stripping and then there's the next steps we will whisper about once you are a member…..