Virtual Gin Tasting with Aussie Specialists


ūüćłūüĆŅ King Island Distillery Virtual Gin Tasting Experience! ūüĆŅūüćł

   We are so humbled to proudly present King Island's first craft spirits to over 150 Travel Specialists and Agents around the Country.

Let the good times beGIN with King Island Distillery virtual gin tasting experience,                hosted by Tourism Australia, watch the event held on the 24th August 23 at 3pm.                           Thank you so much everyone!! ♡hh♡


ūüéĀ Exclusive Offers for Travel Agents ūüéĀ

As a travel agent GINthusiasts dedicated to curating exceptional experiences, we're excited to share our unparalleled package offers to you and your clients, starting with King Island Gin. Created especially to share the spirit of King Island and a whole new and exciting level of fun and fabulousness.

From exclusive experiences, hampers and classes to special access to limited releases, our range of options ensures that your clients will have plenty to choose from: a selection of offers that you can book and earn commission.  

  • King Island Distillery Cocktails, with a dash of Currie Culture
  • Virtual King Island Distillery¬†Guided Spirits Tasting Experience
  • Play like a King Golfing ShenaGIN‚Äôs¬†
  • Happy Holiday Package
  • Elevate your Travel Agency¬†Branding with King Island Distillery Spirits - A Unique Gifting Experience
  • King Island Distillery and Travel Agency Partnership - King Island presentations. We can develop and deliver virtual, and / or, in person promotions at your location.¬†

*ūüćĻ Let's Raise a Glass to more GINventures! ūüćĻ


* STOP - CAMERA TIME - With Tourism Australia blessing, let's all take a screen shot and share the story of us learning about and enjoying King Island with a little bit of GINfluence from King Island. This GINspiration is to aim for a new record of the number of travel agents virtually together, .

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Together, let's celebrate the spirit of craftsmanship and community, our shared love for GINceptional handcrafted King Island Distillery spirits. 

   Cheers to our journey ahead! Thank you Tourism Australia, Tourism Tasmania and all Travel Agents and Participants. 


Today's one liner 'There is nothing like Australia and King Island' 

That’s why for all of today's Travel Agents, there is a bonus to look forward to.

See our Tourism Australia Travel Agent Special Deal King Island Gin and Tonic deal and King Island Trio Gin, Ruby, Limoncello special offer. Buy online, available for 24 hours only. 

* START - QUESTION TIME -  Answers to all the King Island FAQ's about what, when and how for you.

Plus, all five King Island Distillery offers listed below, are 15% commissionable from these published prices until 2025.


We just want to give kudos and reward you.  

   It’s our way to say thank you to the industry of Travel Agents/Specialists. Many of who have supported happy Heidi already as a local King Island Tourism / Hospitality business owner for over 30 years already.

Especially crafted for the Travel Aussie Specialists, we will email you a very handy go to guide called 'FAQ King Island'

Coming soon! ‚ô° FAQ's King Island eBook, to get in the know before you go.

 Visit King Island and experience our RRRR | Relax | Rejuvenate | Refresh | Revel in King Island time.


Sending GINourmous best wishes for continued travel success. We'd love you to please give us a Google review too.  

♡  Heidi Weitjens ♡ 100% Local Founder and Owner  | Artisan Distiller | Chief bottle washer, filler, labeller and polisher 

  ♡ Dial the Distiller Happy Heidi on 0488 243377 ( 0488 CHEERS )

♡ Here's the beGINning of our GINourmous range of CUSTOM CREATED EXCLUSIVE DEALS FOR TODAYS’ TRAVEL SPECIALIST participants.

King Island Distillery - Exquisite Packages and Experiences:  

♡ Explore, Indulge and Enjoy  ♡


****** Summary of top four King Island Distillery Offers

King Island Crayfish Cooking Demonstration - A fulfilling rare opportunity for seafood lovers

  • Includes cooking crayfish demonstration and digesting, Crayzee handmade sauces, cheese and condiments, local craft spirits, recipes and Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery guided spirits tasting.
  • Price: Min. $757 for one, or two people. Additional pax $377 p.p.¬†
  • Note: Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery, upon inquiry, will provide full details and list of inclusions¬†


King Island Cocktails, Crayfish, Condiments, and Cheese by the Sea - Delivering an exceptional collection of local artisanal delicacies and delights.

  • Includes a Luxury King Island Local Produce Hamper, Handcrafted Local Craft Spirits, Souvenirs¬†and Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery guided spirits tasting.
  • Price: $1200 total hamper cost. Designed to comfortably suit 1 or 2 pax.
  • Note: Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery, upon inquiry, will provide full details and list of inclusions¬†


King Island Luxury Races Picnic Pack Hamper - A fun filled Race Day, done right. Dec - Jan.

  • Includes: a Luxury King Island Local Produce Hamper, Handcrafted Local Craft Spirits, Souvenirs,

  and Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery guided spirits tasting.  

  • Price: This Racers are Winners package is $757 designed to comfortably provide for 1 or 2 pax.
  • Note: Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery, upon inquiry, will provide full details and list of inclusions¬†


King Island Cocktail-o-Clock in Currie - Mix up some fun enjoying the spirit of King Island 

  • Includes cocktail making class, cheese and condiments, local craft spirits gift pack, recipes¬†and Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery guided spirits tasting
  • Price: Min. $160 for 1 or 2 pax. Additional pax $77 p.p.
  • Note: Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery, upon inquiry, will provide full details and list of inclusions
Booking Process:

   To book for your clients, please contact our reservations team

 heidi@kingislanddistillery, or call 0488 243377 

 or, visit our website at 

Limited availability. Advance booking is recommended. 

A deposit may be required to lock in the booking time and date.

Terms and Conditions:

- Prices may vary based on availability and can be subject to change.

- Cancellations made within two days of the event may be non-refundable.

- Participants must be of legal drinking age (18+).

Benefits for Travel Agents:

   Earn a 15% commission on every booking made with King Island Distillery.

Provide your clients with unparalleled experiences to choose from and enjoy, while earning rewards for your business.  We are always grateful for your support.

Destination Information:

   King Island boasts stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and a vibrant local culture. Explore the island's natural beauty and indulge in all it's bounty.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:- Providing reassurance and building trust

¬† ¬† View 150 ūüĆüūüĆüūüĆüūüĆüūüĆü positive feedback reviews from previous clients on Google, and other main platforms.

ūüéČ Bonus FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ’s about King Island Distillery -

FAQ’s about King Island -

ūüéČūüéČ Double bonus:

Full detailed and comprehensive faq-king-island guide available as an ebook exclusively Copper Angel Club Members, we like to make your life easy ;-) Email and ask us to email it to you soon.

ūü•É Random info:ūü•É

¬†¬†¬†Heidi Weitjens, AKA ‚Äėhh‚ô°‚Äô = Happy Heidi (made with‚ô° on King Island) is the first to distil King Island Gin and also King Island single malt whisky from - ‚Äėboutique batch barley mash - barrel - bottle‚Äô.¬†

ūüßźStill here? Okay here‚Äôs some more to absorb ;-)ūüßź

   We hope to collaborate with you in the future, feel free to discuss with us how we can fulfil an unforgettable GINsperience for your clients.  Schedule a virtual catch up, or for major travel related events we could fly to you for an in person presentation about King Island.

Sustainable practices, ethical sourcing and the local ingredients that make our local boutique operation  unique.

 Embracing Island Time:

   Our distillery embraces the laid-back island lifestyle. The slow, gentle distillation process allows the flavours to develop naturally, just like the unhurried pace of life here. With each sip, you're tasting a bit of King Island's tranquillity.

Sustainable Practices and Ethical Sourcing:

   At Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery, we're deeply committed to sustainability. We take pride in sourcing our botanicals locally, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the local Community. Our commitment to ethical sourcing means that every ingredient in our gin is carefully chosen to ensure both quality and environmental responsibility.

   We believe that great spirits can be crafted with respect for nature. Our distillery employs eco-friendly practices, even minimising waste by repurposing byproducts. When you enjoy our gin, you're also contributing to the preservation of the island's stunning natural beauty.

Local Ingredients and Unique Flavors:

   One of the things that truly sets our gin apart is the use of indigenous botanicals from King Island. We forage herbs and seaweed from our shores, capturing the essence of our island's terroir in every bottle. The result is a gin that's not only distinct in flavour but also a true representation of King Island's bounty."

    Picture this: a brisk morning walk along King Island's coastline, the scent of wild juniper and aromatic herbs in the air. These are the flavours we've harnessed to create our gin. It's a taste of the island's landscape in every sip, a pure celebration of its richness.

Aligning with Modern Travelers' Desires for Authentic and Meaningful Experiences:

¬†¬†¬†In an age of mass production, travellers are seeking experiences that are authentic, meaningful, and aligned with their values. At our distillery, we understand this desire for genuine connections. When you visit Happy Heidi, you're not just tasting gin ‚Äď you're immersing yourself in the spirit of King Island, from the warm welcome, through to the stories behind each bottle."

¬†¬†¬†We understand the modern traveller wants more than just a transaction ‚Äď they want a story to tell, a memory to cherish. That's what we offer here at Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery. We invite you to discover the heart and soul of our island through our gin, whisky, spirits, liqueurs and cocktails all, handcrafted with care and true respect for our environment.


We love to over deliver so here's just one more thing:  

   I Heidi Weitjens, a King Islander, who is GINcredibly grateful and proud to share the spirit of King Island with you.  Also, connect with you virtually and unravel a tale that intertwines passion, resilience and the handcrafted spirits of King Island, (I’ll keep it short and sweet of course). 

We are GINourmously honoured to share our story to GINspire and captivate your senses, forge lasting connections and we invite you to always stay and be a part of our continuous journey of discovery and delivery. Welcome to the world of Happy Heidi and the extraordinary King Island Distillery and the island we call home.

In the heart of King Island, it all began with a challenge that led a spirited adventurer nicknamed Happy Heidi on an unbelievable journey watch the untold story and see for yourself share story link with your clients and friends too.

Let the good times beGIN!

What sets King Island Distillery apart is not just about the quality of our spirits, but the unwavering support we have received and give back in return.

Please allow me to give kudos and thanks to the living legends of the Pioneers of the Tasmanian craft spirits industry‚ÄĒBill and Lyn Lark, their warmth, enthusiasm and continual support always lights up my spirits.¬†

They showed me and taught me how to distil and generously always offered guidance. With their encouragement, I embarked on a new adventure‚ÄĒ King Island Distillery, the 10th distillery in all of Tasmania!

Then there was another magnificent mentor, Rex Burdon from Nonesuch Distillery, Hobart. With Rex's help, we delved into the art of crafting unique recipes that developed to capture the very essence of our beloved island, that you are now drinking.

What began as a challenge to solve the local apple waste dilemma transformed into a captivating odyssey. With unwavering determination, we ventured beyond the conventional, it's what sets us apart and what makes us truly special. We lay it all bare, my friends, showing, telling  and sharing the story of our labour of love with our island visitors and beyond.

And here's the truly magical part‚ÄĒdespite all the challenges, so many people have chosen to support us. They connect with our purpose to keep the personality and heart poured into every single product at our distillery.¬†

Our passion knows no bounds, my friends. We soak up the natural beauty of our island, letting it inspire us to reach new heights of GINventiveness. We craft signature spirits and products to satisfy every sense, using raw traditional techniques and a bit of gut instinct. 

And, you know what? We do it all for the reward of seeing your smiles and for the joy it brings to your hearts and fulfils your senses.

Let us not forget the charm and entertaining explorations that King Island provides. Its breathtaking landscapes and untamed beauty infuse our spirits with an essence that is truly unmatched. Each sip becomes a journey in itself, an exploration of flavours that dance on your palate and transport you to truly connect with this unique island.

Here’s cheers to our new release SinnaGin. In the face of adversity we’ve remained resilient. Our commitment to sustainability, echoed in the motto from childhood "Save, Don't Waste," forms the backbone of our operations. We have transformed setbacks into opportunities and emerged stronger, ready to share the fruits of our labour of love and lessons learnt with you.

Now, my dear travel agents, I implore you to stay connected with us on this extraordinary adventure. Embrace the enchantment of King Island Distillery and become a part of our story. Your support, your trust, and your belief in us holds immeasurable value. Together, we can create lasting connections, weaving a tapestry of experiences that will inspire travellers far and wide to seek out the treasures of King Island.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Tourism Australia for this GINflippintastic opportunity, as it not only showcases the wonders of King Island, but it also allows us to build a community of support, promoting our distillery and other local businesses to your vast network. With your guidance, we will become a brighter beacon of excellence, drawing in visitors to partake in the artistry, the passion, and the warmth that defines our island and lights up people's lives.

So, whenever you think of King Island, I invite you to raise a glass of our gin in celebration. Cheers to the unyielding spirit of exploration that resides within each of us. 

Together, let us embark on a journey of discovery delights, where connections grow stronger, palates are pleased and memories are made. 

Thank you for your support and we eagerly anticipate the day when we can welcome you, (travel specialists) to King Island to enjoy feeling totally spoiled with authentic experiences, colourful friendly local characters and a connection to our feeling of freedom that we guarantee you won't soon forget. ‚ô°hh‚ô° x

We love Tourism Australia, thank you!!


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