Visit King Island and embrace being Covid safe

Visit King Island and embrace being Covid safe

King Island residents and businesses and service providers take great pride in our health and safety, including our visitors too.

We make it our business to be Covid-19 safe and do whatever we can to put safety measures in place.

Visit King Island and join us in being as Covid safe as we can, because we all care.

Come down for air.

There is plenty of space to enjoy a healthy happy holiday with Covid plans in place.

We rely on common sense and honesty, so we can all somehow get through this together. 

In recent times Covid has travelled overseas to reach us on King Island.

Within our population of about 1600 people, after two years of being 100% Covid free, about 100 people have responded and responsibily isolated themselves, as a result from a positive PCR.

Locals understand the need to separate themselves, to shield fellow residents and loved ones from exposure to virus, while they recover.

Covid safe way to visit King Island

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