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World Wide Web Day celebrated today the 1st August 2022, is global recognition about web browsing to access a wealth of world wide knowledge, resources and shopping. 

King Island Distillery has launched a better website and a documentary on our YouTube Channel. Check them out and let us know what you think. 
   Click this link to watch the one minute teaser film about King Islands first ever distillery 
    Or, for the 5 minute version how Heidi designed and started a distillery on King Island click this link
   Many people rely on the World Wide Web daily, to find out information and for their work and of course shopping online.
Therefore, it is only right that we have a day to honor the World Wide Web.
   What King Island Distillery offers on the web is a GINcredible range of hh ♡ artisan spirits including Tasmanian single cask wonderful whisky.   
   Plus, we handcraft; Native gin, barrel aged gin, ruby grapefruit spirit, two different signature spirits, VS brandy and Bella Chella limoncello, all made with hh ♡ on King Island.
    Heidi Weitjens owner operator personally posts all online distillery orders, cellar door purchases and boxes of spirits sold wholesale. Spirits are posted Australia wide, directly from hh♡ King Island Distillery.
   So, we suggest you go surf the net for King Island Distillery hh♡ spirits, because they've been handcrafted with love, especially for you to enjoy, because you deserve the best! 
   The World Wide Web has made it possible to do so many things. It really is quite amazing to realise the power that the internet has in this day and age and how much it has enriched our lives. This includes catching up with friends and family members, regardless of where they live. 
   We have all probably used the saying “surfing the net". Did you know that this was created by Jean Armour Polly? “Surfing the Internet” was written by Jean and published in March of 1992. Therefore Ms Polly is credited for creating this familiar term; of what most of us do daily.
   A few facts about the World Wide Web…
✓It was announced that the World Wide Web would be free to anyone in 1993.
✓The launch of the Mosaic web browser in 1993 was a major turning point for the World Wide Web. 
✓Yahoo was the first popular search engine.  
   Enjoy King Island Distillery spirits made locally filled with happy Heidi love, because you deserve the best! ♡ hh♡

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