King Island Distillery News

Visit King Island and the magnificent museum

King Island Historical Museum 

This excellent museum, staffed entirely by volunteers, features displays unique to King Island’s history such as shipwrecks, mining, sealing, lighthouses, agriculture and telecommunications. 

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays – 2.00pm to 4.00pm.  

Telephone: (03) 6462 1512


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Giving back lights me up
My products might be distilled with things like native succulents, but most importantly, it's all created with hh love, infused with my happiness and King Island’s. I am proud that my unique artisan spirits, delivered Australia wide, makes people feel a very special connection to what I think is the most special place on earth, my island home.
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Peter Murphy third visit to King Island

Peter Murphy took the weather with him, when he left @kingisland yesterday afternoon to fly home. Down to Launceston Tasmania, back to being the weather man for Channel 7, radio talk show host, Spirit Super expert, husband and Father.Peter Murphy Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery loves the spirit of Ruby Vodka

The last song I chose, to play for the last Talking Point on 100.5fm local radio with Wade Roskam, as King Island Courier Editor, dedicated to Peter by Crowded House. Listen to the show today at 12 noon, or on Podcast to see if you guessed the song :-) Throwback Thursday and Fast Forward to today with @petermurphy Cheers my friend hhKing Island Distillery welcomes The Weather man flash back thursday with Peter Murphy cheers my friend hh♡

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King Island has what Tourism Tasmania wants
#discovertasmania #theoffseason King Island
King Island Tasmania offers mainlanders the chance to do something stimulating with the cooler 25% of their year. 
The wild side of King Island Tasmania is therapy for winter brain like a defibrillator from the winter coma.
#discovertasmania #theoffseason King Island 
The intense indulgent pleasures of rich food, friendly people, breathtaking green landscapes and the Roaring Forties at 40 ° South jolts the system with bursts of fresh air, spectacular surf, colourful natural scenery and a cheeky single malt whisky by a hot fire.
Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery Tasmania Come Down for Air Off Season #discovertasmania #theoffseason
Feeling exalted, curious, content, challenged but always feeling something.
A winter spent wide-eyed not half asleep. 
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