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Australia has the third highest spirits tax in the world, under a complicated alcohol tax regime that has been condemned by multiple independent and government reviews.

   "The latest excise increase, based on CPI figures released, comes on top of surging costs. A record hike in Australia’s spirits tax will be a crippling for distillers and spirits manufacturers already battling some of the worst conditions in the history of the industry. This is effectively a double whammy on spirits,” said Spirits and Cocktails chief executive Greg Holland.

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Google review of the day.

"Heidi is an extremely passionate and knowledgeable distiller. Generous tastings of the whole collection were on offer, including gin, whisky and other spirits. Free postage available for bulk purchases for those worries about luggage limits. The ruby grapefruit spirit was the stand out for me!" Review by Emma Hobbs.

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What’s more fun than making daiquiris? Creating your own unique daiquiri recipe, to suit your taste buds.  
Here's a hh♡ King Island Distillery daiquiri cocktail recipe with a twist of Bella Chella.
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Celebrating the achievements and craft of Tasmanian distillers, Tasmanian Whisky Week is a celebration of the numerous Tasmanian distilleries, their spirits and whisky.  

   Thirty distilleries, including Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery, are attending a number of events during the first two weeks of August 2022.

   It is important to book your tickets early to attend a diverse and engaging consumer events, being held in the North and South of Tasmania.  

   The flagship event is The Tasmanian Spirit Showcase held at PW1, Hobart on Saturday 13th August 2022.  Meet distillers, taste spirits, purchase spirits and attend workshops.

   Every year, we can get together and share our story and passion for whisky and spirits with people from around the world.

   Tasmania is the whisky destination of Australia.

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The point of world listening day is for us to heighten our awareness and realise the benefits to consciously practise better listening and understanding.
   Buddy is always listening out for the sounds around us, where we live, or at the beach. Even at the King Island Distillery, sometimes I can't even guess what he has heard.  Maybe it's just me always talking about how hh♡ loves distilling the handcrafted spirits of King Island, Tasmania, with love, that is interesting listening ;-).      
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