King Island Distillery News

Are you curious about our #1 rated course in Australia on King Island, Tasmania?

The course that is now ranked #1 in Australia, was completed in late 2015, under the watchful eye of co-designers Mike DeVries (USA) and Darius Oliver (AUS), showcasing 18 holes over 6150m playing at Par 72.

We’ve all heard how this King Island Cape Wickham Golf course, where every hole has an ocean view which is extremely rare, quickly gained international recognition in the world rankings.

Visit, play and stay on King Island to experience Cape Wickham Links and allow your imagination to go wild with limitless shot-making possibilities over this undulating, magnificent, firm playing, world class Public course.

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Stills Across the Strait Tasmania to King Island
The journey of non-stop steaming along at about 7 knots for 47 hours punching through the wild Seas of Tasmania’s Coastline and across the mighty swells of Bass Strait, to finally tie up at stupid o'clock inside the safety of the Currie Harbour, King Island ‘home-sweet-home’.⁣ I was so happy to open the boxes an amazing long-awaited gift from me to me.
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Ever wanted to learn how to appreciate a special release whisky like Bill Lark?

“Appreciating” is next level to simply just “drinking” Whisky

Bill Lark shared his words of wisdom with me and that was, “I find it is best to have drink of water in between tasting Spirits.  It gives your palate a chance to adjust to the alcohol levels, then I continue to enjoy savouring the next Dram”.  This is followed with a cheeky grin and a “Cheers, up ya Kilt!” which still makes me smile.

Our goal is for you to get a hold of and appreciate a Distiller Choice Single Malt Whisky through evaluation, sipping a little bit at a time and it will tell you its story. 

I have found it takes at least 3 little tastes of Whisky before our mouth is ready to understand the flavours and send a more accurate message to our brain about what we are appreciating.

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Imagine back in the day a group of 30 enthusiasts first playing Golf on King Island in 1910, it would have mostly been about the long grass and the grog ;-) 

Today, over 100 golfers are attracted to play annually this long weekend.  Competitors fly in from all over Australia to get the swing of this two day event, (these days it’s mostly about our great greens and Local grog ;-) ).

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A friend gave me some great advice

A friend gave me some great advice, “A key factor for handcrafting the best Spirits; is to distill in Copper Stills.  We know just the right person to see, here’s a map how to find him” offered Bill Lark, the 'Godfather' of our Industry.

Peter Bailley is our man, a naturally gifted Engineer with a passion for the Manufacturing and Distilling Industry. 

Gifting decades of knowledge and experience Peter asks me “What Stills would you like us to make for you?”.  I was hopeful the Copper Stills could be manufactured on my desired design of Angel wings outline. 

Angels are everywhere in our Industry, I’ll share more about this in upcoming news.

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