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Swanning around King Island Tasmania from Golf course to Golf Course to Golf Course :-)
Freedom feels good when there is only need to be swanning around a distance of 40 km for the whole day (or 3) to explore 3 world class King Island Golf Links courses.
Heidi from King Island Distillery loves that we are about to swing into Golf Season number 5, or it could be 6 already, geez we've been having so much fun that time has gone past extra fast. 
We look forward to seeing you swanning around King Island soon too.  Cheers hh♡
Heidi Weitjens @kingislanddistillery
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Lighting up the way King Island, Tasmania.

Lighting up the way King Island, Tasmania.

Visit our Island and experience what creates the King Island Distillery Spirit.

Currie Lighthouse built in 1879.  Geez I often think to myself how incredibly clever and resourceful, they were to accomplish this project without the tools and technology we use today.

Treat yourself to all the purities, highlights to see and do without the cues, and enjoy the simplicity that our Island offers, you deserve it!

Cheers hh

 Heidi Weitjens | King Island Distillery


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Buy Something Tasmanian
Have you heard about this clever concept on the grapevine already?  A collaboration of Tasmanian's working together that really works, it’s all true!  We've joined them too :-) A central directory making it as easy as possible to discover who and...
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40° South King Island Distillery Tasmania

Spirits made on King Island by Heidi who was also made on this Island at 40

° South 

(also aligns with our friendly King Island attitude), is the proud 100% Local Sole Trader and Artisan Distiller of her Company King Island Distillery, established since 2014. 

Very excited to have launched my Distillery on King Island after years of planning, learning, hard work, lots of paper work and now opening the doors and people enjoying the Spirits, is a real perk.  hh♡ King Island Distillery

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