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Natural and female made riches of King Island

Land is so rich on King Island a Farmer can sustain a head per acre on lush pasture for most of the year. Of the 80,000 odd Beef on our Island about 25,000 of them make sensational Steaks that tastes even better paired with hh♡ King Island Distillery Barrel aged Gin. 😁🥃👌

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Kelp Industries Netherby Road King Island Tasmania

This is no Bull at King Island Kelp Industries

Newly acquired by International Fragrances and Flavours who process and develop King Island Kelp into products we all consume, or use pretty much daily, even our pets benefit from Kelp in their food; continue this business in operation for over 45 years on King Island, Tasmania.

Bull Kelp Forests thrive underwater around the shores on the West side of King Island  despite being stuck to a rock and constantly battling tides and swell to survive, it takes about a year to be big enough to harvest.  

King Island Kelp Industries has about 30 active, a few of which are full time and 60 registered Kelp Carters on their books, who hauled and hung the best supply of Bull Kelp in 7 years, 1550 dry tonne. 

Calculated in wet weight amounts to 6 times that amount 9300 tonne collected in lots of about 1.5 tonne per load hooked up on tee poles and left to dry by the elements of Mother Nature.

Healthy and happy my friends

Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery

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You are invited to 7 Horse Race meets from Dec 2021 - Jan 2022 King Island Tasmania
King Island Thoroughbred Horse Gallops and Harness Pace Races
7 Race meets from Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
Heidi’s King Island Distillery Sponsored every Race Day in  2020 & 2021 to support this award winning Local Event all proudly organised and operated only by Volunteers.  Big shout out to my amazing Sister Audrey Hamer | Award winning KI Racing Club President.

♡ to see your backside trackside on these dates ;-) hh♡
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